Learn the core concepts of cyber security and understand the unique challenges to securing energy infrastructure.  Designed for beginners, this intensive on day course provides a practical introduction to the fundamentals of protecting, detecting, and responding to cyber-attacks and the potential consequences of an attack on public infrastructure.  Gain the insights and skills to improve the cyber security of your organization, your personnel accounts, and the critical infrastructure your work supports.   

Fortify your understanding through practical exercises and examples and experience that stages of an attack through a live demonstration of a remote cyber-attack on a model power generation plant.   

This course also serves as a primer for several learning series and prepares trainees for more intensive follow on courses.

Learning Goals 

  • Understand the challenges of securing energy infrastructure 
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of cyber security 
  • Know the differences between IT and OT cyber security principles 
  • Basic understanding of cyber-attack methodology and common defensive measures 

Target Audience 

  • Staff with no prior cyber security experience  
  • Executive to mid-level Managers  
  • Technical staff: engineers, network architects, system operators, etc.  
  • Support staff: Human resources, procurement personnel, training staff, legal team, etc.


  • None 
  • This course serves as a primer for several learning series to prepare trainees for more in-depth follow-on courses. 

Learning Method 

  • Insightful presentations 
  • Review of real world case studies  
  • Demonstration of a live remote attack on a simulated plant infrastructure 


Course Content 

  • Drivers for better cyber security of critical infrastructure  
  • Cyber security concepts and theory 
  • Review of relevant cyber attacks on critical infrastructure 
  • Stages and tactics used in sophisticated cyber attacks 
  • Demonstration of a live remote attack with explanation of effective mitigations to improve defenses 


1 day


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About DNV Energy Systems Germany and GridLab

As a company with a long history in quality assurance and risk management, DNV offers you the opportunity to improve the security and sustainability of your business.

We provide independent consulting and engineering services along the entire value chain of the energy industry: from strategy consulting, grid planning and planning of generation plants, technical services for switchgear and other assets to grid optimization and operational management, as well as training services.

The GridLab training center is active as a training and consulting service provider in German-speaking countries as well as in an international environment. We are experts in imparting in-depth expertise in the field of energy supply.



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Juni 7, 2024
Juni 7, 2024
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