The Cyber Strategy for Critical Infrastructures is a specialized, two-day training course. It aims to prepare managers and decision-makers to make risk informed cyber security decisions and lead a cyber aware culture. This training is specifically designed for the busy schedules of managers and executives. It offers a condensed insight into the world of cyber security with a special focus on regulatory compliance, interplay of various organization security teams, risk management and other critical leadership skills needed to navigate the current dynamic cyber security landscape.  

This training is not just about learning the basics, but also about changing the way you perceive and respond to cyber threats at a management level. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to lead your organization through the complexity of modern (OT) cyber security challenges. 

Target Audience 

  • Executives 
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) 
  • Security managers 
  • Technical managers 


  • A basic understanding of cyber security is recommended for this course 
  • Managers with no prior cyber security experience are encouraged to first take “OT Cyber Security Awareness Training” 

Learning Goals 

  • Good understanding of applicable regulations and relevant standards 
  • Learn how to build and implement a cyber security framework 
  • How to integrate cyber security with existing business processes 
  • Learn how to plan for and make critical decision during a cyber security inciden

Learning Method 

  • Insightful presentations 
  • Review of real-world case studies  
  • Demonstration of a live remote attack on a simulated plant infrastructure  
  • Practical decision-making exercises 

Course Content 

  • Overview of NIS2 and other applicable regulations  
  • Review of relevant standards and frameworks such as 
  • ISO 27001 
  • IEC 62443 
  • IEEE, etc.. 
  • Cyber risk management and making risk-based security decisions 
  • Planning and responding to security incidents 
  • Governance  
  • Auditing and Compliance  
  • And other relevant topics 


1 day


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DNV Energy Systems Germany GmbH / GridLab

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About DNV Energy Systems Germany and GridLab

As a company with a long history in quality assurance and risk management, DNV offers you the opportunity to improve the security and sustainability of your business.

We provide independent consulting and engineering services along the entire value chain of the energy industry: from strategy consulting, grid planning and planning of generation plants, technical services for switchgear and other assets to grid optimization and operational management, as well as training services.

The GridLab training center is active as a training and consulting service provider in German-speaking countries as well as in an international environment. We are experts in imparting in-depth expertise in the field of energy supply.



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Mai 22, 2024
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