From the normal operation to crisis situations and to rebuilding the gird.



Whether basic knowledge on electrical engineering, the most recent legal and technical regulations or the behavior in extreme situations – in our customized training, we provide training for collaborators with a targeted approach taking into consideration their respective previous knowledge.

We would like to address our trainings to Transmission System Operators and Distribution System Operators as well as Municipal Utilities. We can offer up to 18 training grounds, which can be especially useful for interdisciplinary trainings (such as Grid restoration Inter-TSO-trainings, TSO-DSO-Trainings etc.) Thereby young professionals from the control centers can not only train in normal situations but also within alert and emergency state. Even experts will be set under pressure with our Grid Simulator.

We offer the following trainings:

Grid and system management
Grid and system management training
Basic switching authorisation (380 kV)
Basic switching authorisation (110 kV)
Refreshing of the basics for switching authorizations
Inter-TSO-, Inter-DSO- and interconnection trainings


We refresh your knowledge and show you the newest developments.

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