Assessment Centre

We offer personnel aptitude diagnostics with individual and
real stress and strain tests.



Technical Assessment Center

Two- day Technical Assessment Center as outsourced instrument for diagnostic analysis for applicants and examination of existing employees. For GridLab, it is important to let the employers ' and in particular the employees' interests, which are very different, be included in the further development of the TDC. For this reason the Committee of Experts was founded in 2015.

Target group

  • technical know-how
  • ability for analysis and decision making
  • communication skills (termini German/English)
  • behavior/ability to perform especially in critical situations (excessive demand szenario)

The method

Day 1

  • Concentration Test I
  • Candidate interview
  • group discussion
  • personality test
  • intelligence test
  • knowledge test
  • complex task, Concentration Test II

Day 2

  • Briefing, simulation exercise stress test: Test of communication skills, learning ability, good judgment, decision-making skills and resilience, building on the network simulator exercises, conversations, expansion modules, English Test, leadership


  • observation through technical and academic qualified supervisor of GridLab and optional provided supervisor of client
  • observation of events and behavior pattern will be recorded in wirting in an evaluation sheet - especially developed for the TAC
  • Evaluation of events and assessment will be given to participants during an feedback conversation
  • recommendation for hire to the client will be given written and documentary

Your advantage

  • Unique and  customized tests and selection possibilities for aquisition of new junior staff respectively further developement of the current staff at the GridLab Grid Simulator with particular stress testing
  • Scenarios can be simulated under real conditions (requirement is data release, alternative to that a synthetically control area can be used)
  • independend analysis and assessment by sientific validated valuation method
  • AC benifit: Optimal accuracy when recruiting thanks to requirement-oriented, individually customised and real stress and strain tests
  • Cooperative participation and support of the Technical AC by the customer
  • Fast and clear documentation of the results

up to 4 participants up to 6 observers.

Our diagnostic candidates aptitude test is based on global standards that we vote on each of your needs. Our methodology is continuously reviewed scientific collaboration and compared with the current law. The Technical Assessment Center TAC is the standard DIN 33430:2002.

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