Analyses & Consulting

We offer scientifically-based analysis and studies.


Analyses & Consulting

for the European grids of the future

The future  challenges of the European energy market as the renewable energy infeed, network expansions or the different technical requirements set new demands on public utilities.

Parallel to trainings of network operators and wind park operators, GridLab offers consolidated studies and analyzes to operation and planning of electrical power systems as well as energy economical questions and already can look back to successful studies for distribution system operators and municipal utilities.

A few of our studies are:

  • Grid integration and operating concepts for new distribution technologies
  • Grid related evaluations of further technology approaches like power-to-gas/heat-solutions as storage respectively load flexibility option within the context of the further de-carbonization of electrical power supply
  • Analyzed data EE-integration (wind power, PV)
  • Analysis of impact and justification of new system technologies like PST, storage and others
  • Simulations and Prognosis of new market models e.g. system services
  • studies considering the background of de-carbonization (P2G, P2H)

The actual scaling effect of load flexibility options can be very realistic visualized under compehension of our training control room - which can also take place at our clients offices by using our compact system.

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