Grid Simulator

Control risks, prevent failures, rebuilt the grid.


Normal operation


Simulation of failures and crisis situations under real conditions


Development of crisis prevention scenarios and patterns of action


Unique in Europe

Control risks, prevent failures, rebuild the grid

Changing general conditions as the decentralised grid feed-in, renewable energies or the international electricity trade confront operating personnel and managers in power plants, at transmission and distribution system operators and in public utilities with new challenges. What can be done to achieve a better risks control during the grid management for the grid operators? We have developed the Grid Simulator for this specific purpose.

GridLab is in possession of different training systems (Dispatcher Training Systems- DTS).

  • PSI based system (since 2013) at the training center, especially for horizontal trainings (Inter-TSO-level) with expansion potential for vertical levels
  • Mobile Compact System for trainings and representation especially with the vertical network (380kV to 10kV)

The Grid Simulator is a technological tool to simulate critical grid situations under real conditions. Its particularity: The system works with the actual data from the grid operators. Due to the visualization of the customer's surface, the system achieves a "home-feeling atmosphere" for the user. 

During the trainings the participants will be optimally prepared for the present operational state of things, notably voltage situations and the challenges ahead.

  • N-1 calculations
  • Customizing/coloring individually
  • multi-client capability

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From the normal operation to crisis situations and to rebuilding the grid.

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