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GridLab: Grid Vision 2030 - The last project year has begun

Showroom day on 9 March 2020

While dispatchers have so far been able to practice mastering the current grid situation on the status quo of their grid in the training simulator, GridLab has installed a future grid scenario 2030 for the 50Hertz control area in the SCADA-based dispatcher training simulator to test future system operation tools within the framework of WindNODE.


The next opportunity to experience this future scenario will be on 9 March 2020 from 10.30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Dispatcher Training Center of DNV GL's section GridLab (next to Berlin-Schönefeld Airport) and to talk to experts from the University of Leipzig and DNV GL/GridLab. The event will be conducted in German, but we are ready to answer your questions also in English or Spanish.


We look forward to your visit at our next showroom event!

The number of participants is limited, requests for participation are possible via info@gridlab.de.

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